Message from the President, Alicia B. Harvey-Smith, Ph.D.

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

– Henry Ford

Dear Parents and Guardians of PTC Students,

In its 74 years, Pittsburgh Technical College has never experienced anything like the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It has caused a disturbance on every level, from government and business leaders ensuring we have what we need, to those of us in our homes trying to provide for our families under very unusual circumstances. As the president of PTC and the wife of a retired US Army Officer, I can relate to the disruption being felt by so many. And as a scholar and a believer, I know that history has taught us that events like this are temporary, and we will return to normal – perhaps not exactly the same as before, but I trust we will come out of this stronger, wiser, and more unified.


As you’ve likely come to know, the PTC community is a close-knit family consisting of our students first and foremost, as well as our faculty, staff, administration, board of directors, advisory boards, and employer partners. That family also includes you, the parents and guardians of our students. You were their support team before they came to us, and you will be long after they graduate. We are partners together in their lifelong success.

We have always taken every step to ensure the health and safety of our PTC family, and when the virus became a concern in the US, we increased sanitation methods and encouraged preventative measures on campus. While we are unaware of any confirmed cases of the virus within our family to date, we truly want to keep your students safe, and therefore have moved all classes to a virtual learning environment and closed the campus including all school-sponsored housing facilities. These measures are in effect through at least the first half of the April – July 2020 quarter which ends May 28. We hope that we will be able to safely resume our regular on-campus activity at that time, and will continue to keep you and your students abreast of any changes to this schedule.


We recognize that for many of our students and their families, this virtual learning environment isn’t what they “signed up for” when they came to PTC. We have been impressed with their perseverance, ability to adapt, and positive attitudes – traits that will suit them well as they become professionals and leaders in our world. And we appreciate the efforts you are making to provide them with a positive learning environment away from school.

Between homeschooling younger children, closed daycares and workplaces, and challenges just obtaining daily essentials, we have all had to alter our way of life as a result of COVID-19. As always, PTC is committed to providing our students with quality, face-to-face instruction, guidance, tutoring, and career advisement, all of which continues in our current, virtual format. Your students can still interact with their faculty and classmates, talk privately with faculty during office hours, and receive the personal attention they were familiar with when they were on campus.

Our Student Activities department, accustomed to planning fun campus events like Humans vs. Zombies, the PTC Carnival, and intramural sports, has taken to social media to maintain student interaction for those who wish to participate. Netflix movie nights, virtual game shows, newsletters, contests, and photo sharing are just a few of the ways our students can keep in touch with their peers outside of class.


I encourage you to visit our website and view the Frequently Asked Questions posted at We have addressed the concerns we’re hearing from many students and their families. You will also find all of the COVID-19 communications shared with the students on this page. And, if you haven’t already registered for our Emergency Text alert system, instructions are located here as well.

Again, the support your student is receiving at home right now, combined with the outreach of their PTC faculty and education leadership, is paramount to their ongoing success in their studies and careers. We are here to help you as well as them. Faculty and our Student Services department are available via phone and email to answer your questions and concerns. Counseling services are available at no cost via telephone at 1-800-647-3327. If you experience any connectivity challenges or other computer-related issues, assistance is available through the PTC helpdesk at, by phone at 412-809-5397, or by email to

To paraphrase the founder of the Ford Motor Company, coming together, keeping together, working together, that is how we will achieve success. I look forward to the time when we can all once again congregate at PTC, but until then, I hope that you and your families stay well and stay safe.

Super Omnes Discipulus – The Student Above All

College Crest.